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Player Profiles 2003/4 Season

Mark Smith (19)

Started off second team has played a hand full of first team games and made an impression - big powerful forward impact player solid 20 mins

Rob Bailey (23)

Slim winger, quick off the mark has experience slippery player hard to catch

James Feather (Busta) cap.(19)

Team captain. Valuable player, hooker, excellent tackler leads by example

Richard Blackburn (20)

Small skilled player scrum half. Very clever and finds gaps in the oppositions defense

Matthew Mount (18)

Doesn't mess about doesn,t Mounty.Powerful player,not quite found his positon. Can adapt to most areas on the field, shows much potential.

Gary Boocock (24)

Prop. Very powerful prefers to run through than avoid men strong influence to the team. You've just bee Booied mate. Keep your eye out for him.Needs the Booi pad.

Chris Atkins (24)

Tall powerful runner on the wing prefers it in the middle and is a great help with the forwards.

Danny Bowness (24) 

The Crying Game, Albion through and through.Suffered from ankle problems and Ellanditis. Prop with the hands of a stand off. Good all round player

Rob Haughey

Adam Lilley (24)

Injured. Skilled natural player, dedication is unquestionned strong clever player.

Ben Farrar (24)

Injured - Groin problems needs to keep his hands above his belt to avoid future problems.

Steven Wrench (23)

We're jammin. Second row, loose forward, Enjoys to run at teams to find the gaps very able player a work horse.

Craig Livock

Although aged he still knows his stuff.

Wayne Smith

Bags off experience to help the younger lads. Strong centre likes to run with the ball

Richard Broughton 19

Andy Broughton

Marco Farrazano 18

Biddy Baxter

Simon Marsden

Ian Spencer

Gareth Greenbank